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Armory Site RFP is Out

Posted by SCEDC on 21 September 2017 | 0 Comments

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The highly anticipated Sheboygan Armory Site RFP is out. This ~2.4 acre site offers remarkable development opportunities and a competitive pid process has been established.  

The City of Sheboygan invites qualified developers and development teams to submit proposals for the redevelopment of the former Armory site located at 516 Broughton Drive., Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Through the development of the former Armory site, the city seeks to:

  • Develop the 106,500 square foot (2.44 Acres) irregularly shaped site in such a manner as to link the future of Sheboygan’s downtown, lakefront, and riverfront with its rich historic past and current water-related activities.
  • Develop Harbor Centre waterfront areas for public and private uses that will stimulate reinvestment in Sheboygan’s central business district while maximizing public access to Lake Michigan and the Sheboygan River.
  • Establish Harbor Centre as a multi-use activity center for the community and the region, including recreational, residential, retail, office, service, cultural, and educational.
  • Leverage the close proximity of the site to Lake Michigan, Sheboygan’s Downtown, and The South Pier District to maximize the absolute best use of the property.
Additional Opportunities in the immediate area
Due to the unique proximity of the site to both the Sheboygan River as well as Lake Michigan, the city wishes to convey interest in hearing from potential developers their ideas about possible expansion of the project scope beyond the physical boundaries of the current site. Should there be interest by potential developers to alternatively propose such an expansion beyond the current geographic boundaries, the city is interested in learning more.
A Great Condo / Residential Development Site? 
Although the site need not be for residential development The City of Sheboygan and the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation recently completed a Condominium Market Study. Information from that study can be found at:  
More information on Sheboygan's housing market can also be found on:
RFP Deadline
All RFP's are due by the end of business on November 10, 2017. Elements a successful RFP will include (full details and more specifics are in the RFP):
  • Project summary including purchase price, description of proposed development project and market assumptions to justify need for project
  • Conceptual Site Plan & Renderings
  • Biographies of project management staff & history of development firm
  • High level proforma outlining sources and uses
  • Timeframe/Phasing of proposed development 
Evaluation Criteria
With more specifics in the RFP, in general the City of Sheboygan is looking for the following in a proposal (full details and more specifics are in the RFP):
  • Use and or variety of uses complements downtown Sheboygan
  • Maximizes taxable value to the city
  • Reasonable purchase price / lease rate to the city
  • Proposers financial strength and ability to construct quickly
  • High-quality design and construction
Mmmm...Time to Get Creative
The Armory is surrounded by streets and non-developed sites. The City is willing to listen to proposals that "draw outside the lines" and redevelop more than the 2.44 acre Armory site.  The city is open to new ideas. 
Good luck to those who wish to pursue this opportunity.