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Determining Qualified Applicants

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and Work Keys
Offered by the Sheboygan County Job Center these programs use free, computer-based testing so employers can quickly identify qualified applicants that have documented foundational skills and are ready to be trained in the specific job requirements. There are many local companies utilizing the NCRC including Johnsonville, Vollrath, Rockline, Nemak, Satori, Sargento, Maters Gallery and Sheboygan Paper Box Company.

Contact:  Maria Nichols, 920-448-6772

Selection-Evaluation Assessment Program (SEAP)
Lakeshore Technical College uses portable assessment machines and a non-written, non-verbal performance-based methodology that identifies the most skilled, most capable, and most trainable candidates.  

 Contact:  Polly Abts, 920-693-1720

Special Assistance for Candidate Screening
The Bay Area Workforce Development Board, often though the Sheboygan County Job Center, offers free application sorting services to a company looking to "mass" hire.  

Contact:  James Golembeski, 920-431-4102

For Profit Staffing Agencies
Many area staffing agencies test and screen for basic abilities such as reading, math and common computer programs as apart of there services.