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Wisconsin's Premier Workforce Recruitment Tool

Someplace Better is a comprehensive, flexible workforce attraction campaign. The program supplements company practices by offering immediate, effective infrastructure to social media marketing, resume intake, job fair organization and job seeker analytics.  Five entry-level job fairs have been promoted bringing in 889 job seekers for 165 jobs in a community with a sub 3.0% unemployment rate. The SCEDC uses this tool to be efficient, effective and solution-orientated to find employees for local firms.  

The SCEDC creates a custom campaign using the following resources:

  • Custom landing pages on including information on the jobs and company
  • Earned media strategy
  • Paid search and social media advertising
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Craigslist
    • Google 
    • Twitter
  • Custom articles and testimonials
  • Online application submission 
  • Organizing hiring events (job fairs)
    • Online event pre-registration
    • Signage 
  • Reviewing existing job ads and job postings for effectiveness
    • Location of posting
    • Searchable keywords
    • Messaging 
    • Video and image usage
  • Reviewing existing application intake process for effectiveness 
    • Ease of website application
    • Purposeful vs. unintentional barriers to hiring 
    • Communication to candidates

Read about a success story:  Plymouth Foam

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