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Our Services

The new Someplace Better website will have a county-wide employer database to connect talent with local businesses. So, whether you have two or 10,000 employees, we encourage you to fill out the survey! 


Community-wide issues require a community-wide response. The Sheboygan County Economic Corporation (SCEDC), a non-profit corporation, works to build the Sheboygan County economy by providing project management and personalized solutions.
Success Stories

  • Entrepreneurship
    • We help you develop a plan for a thriving, profitable business. Our experts will help you identify customers, determine their needs and analyze that information into a feasible plan for starting or growing your business. We assist with business plan development, marketing plans, sales and marketing resources, and financial projections.
  • Nontraditional Finance
    • We work with firms that are making an investment in Sheboygan County. We help package alternative financing tools for business expansion when traditional bank loans alone will not work. 
  • Attraction/Site Selection
    • We are subject matter experts to find available buildings and sites in Sheboygan County. We have some of the most comprehensive market information for those interested in investing in industrial, commercial, retail, and housing markets.
  • Workforce Development
    • We help connect companies to a vast array of workforce development resources. We understand the local labor market, hiring process assessment, and targeted position advertisement, as well as provide Someplace Better job promotional tools.