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Tax Information

A recent study by the Council On State Taxation, performed by Ernst & Young LLP in April 2011, ranked Wisconsin taxes on new investment the 4th lowest in the nation.  Click here to see the study entitled "Competitiveness of State and Local Business Taxes."

Wisconsin Taxes

  • Wisconsin’s business taxes are lower than those in 35 other states, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston that measures more than 15 taxes affecting corporate profits.
  • A 2005 study by Ernst & Young calculated Wisconsin’s business tax rank as 32nd (an average of two different methods of calculation), compared with other states. 
  • Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on April 12, 2010, taxes on industrial business owners in Wisconsin ranked in the bottom half to bottom third of the nation and will be reduced by 95% over the next four years.  Click here to learn more about taxes on manufacturers.    
  • Finally, business taxes represent just 39% of all state and local taxes in Wisconsin, 12th-lowest in the country, according to a 2008 study prepared for the Council on State Taxation.

Interesting Wisconsin Tax Facts

  • No inheritance (death) tax.
  • No property tax on machinery, equipment or inventories.
  • No sales tax on machinery, equipment or manufacturing consumables.
  • No utility tax on electricity or natural gas.
  • In 2016, State tax rate on manufacturers will be reduced from 7.9% to 0.4%

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides added information on the tax climate for select industries in Wisconsin.

Find Wisconsin’s Tax Rates (.pdf)

Municipal Tax Rates 

Property Tax
Sheboygan County was the only county in Wisconsin that has lowered its portion of the property tax for three consecutive years, from 2007-2009.

Sheboygan County’s municipal tax rates vary between municipality. Click here for a breakdown of the 2013 property tax rates by municipality.  For more information on these rates please contact the Sheboygan County Treasurer’s Office or the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Sales & Use Tax
Sheboygan County has a sales tax rate of 5.5%.  This is in contrast for 5.6% in Milwaukee County and up to 10.75% for areas of the Chicago MSA.  In addition, no sales taxes are applied to groceries in Wisconsin. 

More Information

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