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Water & Sewer


Twelve of the fifteen municipal water systems in Sheboygan County have deep wells that use groundwater to supply residents with their water supply. The Cities of Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls, and the Village of Kohler, obtain their water supply from Lake Michigan on a joint system run by the Sheboygan Water Utility. Currently, this system has an average daily usage of 15 million gallons per day.  The system’s capacity is 25 million gallons per day. 

Nearly 60% of the water supply in Sheboygan County is obtained through surface water, primarily Lake Michigan, while the remaining 40% is obtained through groundwater. Sheboygan County has a plentiful water supply, due to the location along Lake Michigan. Sheboygan County also enjoys low water rates when compared to other regions of Wisconsin. See a map of rates throughout the state here

Sheboygan County has several government operated wastewater treatment facilities that provide ample capacity to serve existing customers and new developments. Below is an interactive map to show areas that are served.  All boundaries are shown for your convenience and may not represent actual extent of sewer lines.