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Data Centers

The SCEDC was contacted by The New North whom with its partners, WE Energies, Kimberly-Clark, BURR Computer Environments, and Wisconsin Public Service, believes north-eastern Wisconsin has a geographic advantage to accommodate data center operations.  The New North and partners conducted an opportunity analysis.

Opportunity Analysis:  Data Centers in the New North

The New North asked the SCEDC to assemble a list of sites that meet their criteria to identify ideal locations for a data center in Sheboygan County.  The criteria included:

  • More than one telecommunication provider (telecommunication neutrality)
  • Access to all utilities
  • Electrical feeds from two substations
  • Minimum distances from externalities such as power generation stations and transportation corridors

All criteria and available sites are explained in our report entitled: Greenfield Data Center Sites:  Qualified Locations in Sheboygan County and in the attachments viewable below. 

Greenfield Data Center Sites:  Qualified Locations in Sheboygan County
Attachment A – Qualified Locations of Data Center Sites in Sheboygan County
Attachment B – Natural Gas Utility Service Areas
Attachment C – CLEC Map
Attachment D – ATC Power Transmission Map
Attachment E – 3-Mile Cluster Substation Map
Attachment F – Electric Utility Service Areas
Attachment G – Detailed Town of Sheboygan Qualified Sites Map
Attachment H - 10 Acre Qualified Locations Map
Attachment I – Opportunity Analysis Data Centers in the New North