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Condo Study

The City of Sheboygan and SCEDC commissioned a condo study from Tracy Cross & Associates. Completed in the summer of 2017, the study indicated a need for 162 condo units in downtown Sheboygan.  

The study further suggested styles and price points consistent with market comparables. The study concluded that a 1,700 sq.ft. unit selling for $306,000 and a 1,600 sq.ft. unit with a $228,000 price points were the two "sweet spots" and identified about a half dozen water-front sites ideal for such units.  

The study further corroborated known knowledge that overall "for sale" housing growth in Sheboygan is not meeting demand and that as of 2016 annual demand of 100+ single-family homes is not being met leading to the competitive Sheboygan County housing market. 

For more information and a copy of the study please contact the SCEDC.