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Sheboygan Falls Opportunities

Sheboygan Falls - A leader

Sheboygan Falls has taken the lead on encouraging owner-occupied construction in the County. The City has:

  • Created a nostalgic zoning classification allowing for smaller lot sizes
  • used special assessments to finance water/sewer and road improvements in subdivisions
  • willing to consider TIF in housing developments

Read the press-release on Sheboygan Fall's newest subdivision.  

Where Can Housing Go?

City leaders have identified several sites identified sites and unfinished pre-recession projects. These are logical places for developers/builders to consider. You can view a map of these properties by clicking here*This map is only a planning/zoning perspective and doesn't necessary represent the opinions of the property owners.  

Condo's and Townhomes

The Sheboygan County Board of REALTORS stated their largest unfilled need is for 2 bath, 2-bedroom condos for empty-nesters. A possible infill site for such a development is located along Hwy 32 in Sheboygan Falls.  These are concepts the City drew up a concept to encourage a developer to pursue a potential project on this site.