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Tax-Exempt Bonding Programs

For projects larger than $1 million, bonding programs may be an extremely flexible and inexpensive way to finance a project. Bonding programs come with tax benefits for the purchaser of the bonds resulting in a lower interest rate for you. This type of financing is defiantly worth asking your lender about.   

Common Tax-Exempt Bonding Programs

Industrial Revenue Bond
IRB financing can be used for building, equipment, land, and bond issuance costs, but not for working capital. Manufacturing includes nearly every type of processing that result in a change in the condition of tangible personal property. Manufacturing does not include activities such as feeding, growing and harvesting live animals. It also does not include the provision of recreational services, wholesaling, retailing, or repair services.

Wisconsin Small Bond Program
The Wisconsin Small Bond Financing Program is exclusively for private entities in Wisconsin that have a public benefit (education center, hospitals, nursing facilities, etc...) project requiring less than $10 million in financing.