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Working Capital Programs

For financial needs lasting less than one year, lines of credit are the best solution. However, if your credit needs exceed your lenders willingness to offer you credit, ask them about these programs. 

Common Working Capital Programs

SBA 7(a) Express
By far the most used working capital program supply loans up to $350,000 for small business. Loans can also be used for the purchase of equipment and inventory. 

WHEDA Contractors Loan Guarantee
The CLG helps contractors complete contracts and build their business.

SBA Caplines 
The CAPlines program for loans up to $5 million is designed to help small businesses meet their short-term and cyclical working capital needs. The programs can be used to finance seasonal working capital needs; finance the direct costs of performing certain construction, service and supply contracts, subcontracts, or purchase orders; finance the direct cost associated with commercial and residential construction; or provide general working capital lines of credit that have specific requirements for repayment. 

  • Contract Loan Program
  • Seasonal Line of Credit Program
  • Builders Line Program
  • Working capital Line of Credit

Economic Development Rate Pilot Program
Wisconsin Power and Light (Alliant Energy), a local electrical provider, has received approvals from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to offer an economic development rate for a limited time to qualifying business customers.  The economic development rate will allow WPL the opportunity, in strictly-defined situations, to offer a discounted rate to large businesses to encourage investment, job creation and economic growth in a challenging economy.