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Foreign-Trade Zone

About Foreign-Trade Zones

Foreign-Trade Zones remain within the borders of the United States but are considered to be outside U.S. Customs territory. Foreign-Trade Zones were created to keep U.S. businesses competitive with businesses operating offshore or overseas. Businesses, which choose to use Foreign-Trade Zones can receive duty exemption on re-exports, duty deferral, and duty elimination on waste, scrap, and yield losses. Businesses can also receive benefits such as relief from inverted tariffs and possible tax and licensing savings.

Sheboygan County is covered by two such zones. In the summer of 2012, Sheboygan County will become covered under the general zone for FTZ #41 administered by the Port of Milwaukee. It is recommended that companies looking at inclusion in a FTZ apply through the Port of Milwaukee. 

Currently, Sheboygan County companies can apply for the sub-zone status of FTZ #176 administered by the Port of Green Bay.  This application process provides the same benefits, it just takes a few months longer.   


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